Nihayet magazine
(Number 108)

Interviewer: Zeynep Özel

Most of us got to know him at the bedside of Abbas Kiarostami in a hospital room with a video in which Sa’dî’s lyrics, composed by Namjou, read. We were like in a scene from his films, while Kiarostami was in his bed, in whites, wiping the tear behind his dark glasses. This scene, which has the same effect on the audience, is the reason why Solmaz Naraghi chose this song, how they met and many more… Questions in my mind, I feel like Solmaz Naraghi, with his voice in “Gom Shodam”, another impressive movie of Kiarostami, “Shirin”. I chased after her, and why was I able to reach him later. It was so warm and natural throughout our correspondence that I would like to thank him once again from here. Not only his acquaintance with Kiarostami and the works they did together, but Solmaz Naraghi’s accumulation, his talents in different fields, his ideas about tradition and modernism, and his view of calligraphy also impressed me. Thank you to Nazanin Nikeghbal for his contribution.

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