The artworks of this collection are being categorized as a kind of figurative calligraphy, but they are also a visual version of this figural element in Persian contemporary literature. « Bird » is a very typical example in figurative Iranian calligraphy and a key image in this country’s art and literature. She has intended to illustrate the metaphoric transition of this image from a pre-modern era to the modern period from its mystic and spiritual symbolization to political and social implication. The examples all together, will open a new door to the Iranian art world regarding the changes from the Constitutional Revolution era until the present time and are manifested in cases like Morq-e sahar (the Dawn Bird) by Malek al-Sho’ara-ye Bahar, Hezardastan, by Amir-Jahed; Bouf-e Kour (the Blind Owl) by Sadeq Hedayat; Khorous (the Rooster) by Ebrahim Golestan; Ghorab (the Raven), Qoqnous (the Phoenix), and Morq-e Amin (the Amen Bird) by Nima Youshij; the birds quoted in Forough Farokhzad’s poetry; and finally An Parandeh-yi keh Naboude Ast (the Bird Never Existed) by Reza Qasemi.