between lines

Between Lines collection presents a contemporary interpretation of the Holy Quran. Here the addressee can visit some frames of the Iranian daily life in connection with quranic verses the photographer has selected form this holy book.

Adopting a moderate approach towards Quran, the artist Sajedeh Sharifi intends to read and review it as a text belonging to all humans. Persian and French translation of these verses inscribed by Solmaz Naraghi is a kind of visual conversation between the text and the photo. Calligraphy has principally been regarded as a sacred art in Islamic culture as a result of making connection with holy texts. The prohibition of portraiture as well as depicting animate beings, on the other hand, has motivated and reinforced the formation and development of painterly and even figurative potentials of this art to the point that some scholars consider Islamic calligraphy as the equivalent of Christian iconography. The Verses in this collection have been inscribed and designed in a way to reveal hidden painterly potentials of calligraphic forms by drawing inspiration from the visual structure of photos.