Farhikhtegān Newspaper
(August 2, 2015 )

I Like to Design Games,

Interviewer Mohsen Bolhassani. The exhibition Fālnamā by Solmaz Naraghi was inaugurated in Shahr-e Ketab Gallery. It includes some works from the poem collection of Shākh-e Nabāt published by Dibācheh Publishers last year. By the way, some unpublished works from the same collection were presented together with some new ones. The poet and calligrapher of this collection, Solmaz Naraghi, has made use of the potentials of Persian calligraphy by deviating from the glorious, exquisite compositions of traditional calligraphy and she has managed to make an image originating from the folklore, however enjoying irony. We carried out a conversation with her about this exhibition.

سولماز نراقی | solmaz naraghi
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