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Alefbal; Alphabet of Freedom 

Interviewer: Maryam Ghodsiyeh. She is sitting on a high level with a white, broad skirt ornamented with bird motifs. It is such a bird with a burning desire to fly that is constantly singing the song of freedom. Its expression, song tone, twittering, movements and invitation to singing together so heartily and warmly welcome us that we become fairly motivated to do so, singing the song of the morning bird as it twitters the sufferings of people. It is shedding tears and it finishes her song in the hope of victory and happiness. As an interdisciplinary artist from Hamadan, Solmaz Naraghi held her exhibition Alephbal and between the Lines in collaboration with her photographer friend, Sajedeh Sharifi in Bayan Gallery, Isfahan. By inviting her addressees to visit such works besides the video poetry of Giving Birth to and Swallowing Jonah, as well as a performance of the dialogue of contemporary literature birds, she asks them to reconsider art, culture and life.

سولماز نراقی | solmaz naraghi
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