Ketab-e Hafte-ye Khabar (No.187)

Purgatorial Birds (A Review on Alephbal Exhibition) by AnimaEhtiat

Alephbal Exhibition comes along the Fālnāmeh. Shākh-e Nabāt or Fālnāmeh is the first poem collection by Solmaz Naraghi. Taking a parody-like approach in the process of fortune-telling by Hafez’s collection of poems is of great significance in that book, so that the book itself would be regarded as something to be used for fortune-telling. The Alephbal Exhibition is moving towards this aspect of visual poetry. Here on the one hand, the performer deviates from the usual, routine trend of calligraphic painting, and on the other hand, she presents some impressive cases from the untapped potentials of Persian calligraphy. This time she embarks upon the theme of birds and she recognizes the parody aspect of her work in relation to the title.   

سولماز نراقی | solmaz naraghi
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