Leyla Sadeghi

A Review on Alephbal Exhibition and Jonah Video-poetry

By Leyla Sadeghi

In her exhibition Alephbal, Solmaz Naraghi presents the video-poetry Giving Birth to and Swallowing Jonah. The draft of the video underlines the connection between organs and calligraphy. In fact, as an experience of human’s behavior, writing or calligraphic elements in here take organic forms like those of the language; or in other words, they become embodied. Therefore, writing can exert effect on our understanding of poetry. That’s why the subject is making attempt to simulate the organs like Persian writing by the movements of her organs. In other words, the presenter gives the letters social character. Meanwhile, Persian alphabetic letters ن and الف turn into the most important poetic characters of the work.

سولماز نراقی | solmaz naraghi
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