Mirzadeh Eshghi

This book reviews the life and works of Mirzadeh Eshghi, poet of the Constitutional Revolution times. In addition to the social and political conditions of his time, it makes us familiar with Eshghi as a liberal intellectual, journalist, playwright and the composer of the first Iranian opera. The author has tried to study the important works of Eshghi from the viewpoint of social and political themes as well as his literary writing style. The book presents documents not published elsewhere until then. They includes the only transcript of his letter, the newspapers he published in Hamadan, melody of some parts of the Resurrection of Iranian Monarchs’ Opera, and some rare photos of the poet in his youth. The author has also managed to obtain some information about his family and their origin by conducting an interview with the eldest member of Eshghi’s family.

Some parts of this book have previously been published in detail in the journals inside and abroad. It is worth mentioning that the chapter making an analysis of Se Tāblo-ye Maryam (Three Paintings of Mary) from the viewpoint of gender patterns has been presented in 11th Biennial of Iranian Studies (Vienna University, 2016).