Zanān-e Emruz Magazin

I Stay Somewhere between Written and Oral Culture. It is interesting that you have selected verses by contemporary poets for each bird. For instance, the free strokes of brush and the techniques applied in painting the bird for Forough Farrokhzad’s poem “Remember the flight, the bird will die” is quite in accordance with this poem’s aura. Did you consider any criterion for such an approach in each poem? Text is a guiding factor for me. I entirely devote myself to it to realize what to do. Deciding to represent more figurative features in a work or to do differently in another is not predetermined. Yet, if I am to choose something, I prefer those in which birds are represented less figuratively and those mostly created by the formal features of nata’liq script. Such forms may be reminiscent of birds’ figures or even be considered as allusion to flight.

سولماز نراقی | solmaz naraghi
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