Solmaz Naraghi started calligraphy from 15, and received a master certificate from society of Iranian Calligraphers at 18 and started teaching at 19. Traditional persian calligraphy as a precious treasure was a good resource for her creative experiences in avant-grade literature and even in performance art. Calligraphy and poetry has been two of the most influential mediums in pre-modern Iran for centuries. In this section you can take a short look at her practical experiences from inscribing books (Sanaee Qaznavi’s Qazals, and “ketab-e-khalvat, wrriten and inscribed by myself) to decorative calligraphy and modern exercises beside writing on Niki Karimi’s face (a famous Iranian actress) for a movie titles “shabanehrooz” directed by Keivan Alimohammadi and Omid Bonakdar.