Singing Songs

Here you can listen to songs she sang for movies such as “Light of Love” for Shirin, directed by Abbas Kiarostami and “Daaman Keshan” for “Nasseredin Shah and His 84 Wives” directed by Beate Peterson Also a song she wrote and sang on “Serenade” by Franz Schubert and dedicated it to the deceased Abbas Kiarostami

Damankeshan (Sari Galin)

Lyric: Jamshid Arjmand
Singing: Solmaz Naraghi
Arrangement: Milad Movahedi
Closing Credits music of “Nasseredin Shah and His 84 Wives”
Directed by Beate Peterson

Light of Love

By Hossein Dehlavi
Singing: Hossein Sarshar and Solmaz Naraghi Closing credits music of “Shirin”
Directed by Abbas Kiarostami


(Serenade by Franz Schubert)
Persian lyric and singing: Solmaz Naraghi
Dedicated to Abbas Kiarostami


Songwriter and composer: Solmaz Naraghi
Piano: Saman Ehteshami
Setaar: Solmaz Naraghi
Tonbak: Arshida Taqikhan
Singers: Solmaz Naraghi & Soheil Moqimi


Lyrics and melody: Solmaz Naraghi
Arrangement: Kamyar
Vocals: Negin Moradi & Solmaz Naraghi
Videography: M. Safavi
Sound Engineer: Rasha